Our Congregation

Unitarianism is a creedless religion, which means that we are united by our values more than our beliefs. We enjoy worshipping together, spending time reflecting on that which is of supreme worth, regardless of individual belief. Our Sunday services are led by a visiting preacher or member of the congregation. They typically include hymns, readings and prayers from a wide variety of religious traditions combined with secular sources of wisdom. 

You don’t have to consider yourself ‘religious’ to join us. Unitarians explore in community but ultimately each of us is responsible for finding our own path, guided by our conscience. We welcome people of all ages, and from a wide range of backgrounds including Unitarian, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Jewish, atheist, agnostic and humanist. 

We would be very pleased to welcome you to our services at 11am every Sunday (you can also join on zoom by requesting the link in advance from ) or to share in a quiet time of meditation (Thursdays at 11am).

Outside of our services, members put their beliefs into practice in many different ways, but as a community we also unite to fundraise for various causes, picking two primary charities each year to support, one local and one with a wider impact. Last year we supported Chance for Nepal and York Rescue Boat. This year our charities are St Nicks Centre for Nature and Green Living and Separated Child.

Read or Download our constitution and environmental policy here

CIO Constitution
Environmental Policy