Pride Weekend

York Unitarians had a great day at 2022 York Pride. Did you see our banner marching through town, or visit our stall on Knavesmire?

We also had a Pride-themed Sunday service on 19th June. If you missed it, you may like to read the opening words on the UUA website: The service ended with these thoughts:

“Pride can be set against humility, and we can say that humility is a virtue and pride a sin. But pride can also be set against shame, and when society has done all it can for the longest time to make a person feel as if they don’t deserve to exist, don’t deserve a space in the world, don’t deserve love or happiness, then pride can be a very healthy antidote. Pride in our progress encourages more progress. Pride in ourselves and our society encourages us to treat one another better. And pride in our diversity encourages us to care for each other regardless of race, ability, gender and sexual expression. Ultimately, I was proud to march yesterday behind the banner ‘Unitarians celebrate diversity’ – because Pride is how we celebrate diversity.”

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